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At Scott Harris Law, PLLC, we know that getting compensated for expenses you have due to an accident caused by negligence is not always easy. First, you have to deal with your injuries, medical treatment, doctors, hospitals, possible surgery or the wrongful death of a loved one first, and then try to get fair compensation from the responsible party. Even tracking down the responsible parties is a challenge when an accident is due to a product defect. We can help solve your personal injury matters; we love a challenge and are ready to help you defend your rights in every case.

Attorney Scott D. Harris

When you are injured in an accident caused by negligence, you are entitled to receive fair compensation for your injury claims. Typical case claims include monetary awards for the following:

  • Medical care – emergency treatment, bills from hospitals, doctors, nurses and other caregivers
  • Rehabilitation – aftercare and therapy for physical, mental and emotional injuries
  • Work Loss – temporary or permanent wage losses due to your injuries and disability
  • Loss of Lifestyle Enjoyment – when you can no longer do the activities you normally enjoyed
  • Wrongful Death – survivors may claim losses related to the death of their loved one, including funeral and burial expenses, lost companionship and guardianship, and loss of future inheritance

These are just a few examples; what we pursue will vary according to your personal situation and accident details. The main point is that you should not suffer financially because of someone else’s negligent behavior. If they were texting while driving, driving while fatigued, failed to do their job properly or were responsible for any other action that resulted in an injury accident due to their negligent behavior, Attorney Scott D. Harris can help you get justice and pursue fair compensation.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer

There is one important point you need to remember when you are injured in an accident. Contact your Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer immediately, and do not discuss your accident injuries with anyone else, especially insurance company agents. They only want to settle for a minimum; we go for the maximum compensation awards possible. It is imperative that you get qualified legal representation immediately for best results. If you discuss your injuries with someone other than your attorney, you could jeopardize your opportunity to get the justice, rights and benefits you deserve. Contact Oklahoma Personal lnjury Lawyer Scott Harris for immediate help.

Being injured in an accident on the road, at work or at play because someone was negligent can turn your world upside down or even end it. Get the fair treatment and justice you deserve by contacting Scott Harris Law, PLLC, Oklahoma City, OK, today. Call us at (405) 301-8504.

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