Foreclosure Defense

When you fall behind in your mortgage payments, after a certain period of time, your lender may start foreclosure actions in an attempt to either get you to pay up what you owe them or to legally take over your property and sell it for what amount is owed to them. This is a situation that is stressful, serious, and one that needs immediate legal intervention to stop the foreclosure. Many Oklahomans who face this problem contact the Scott Harris Law Firm, in Oklahoma City, OK, to get experienced foreclosure defense by a lawyer skilled in this area of law.

Attorney Scott D. Harris

Attorney Scott D. Harris is a dedicated legal professional who provides Oklahoma homeowners with excellent foreclosure defense and other important debt relief legal services. He understands the emotional impact that foreclosure actions can place upon an individual and their family members. Losing one’s home is happening all too often in this poor economy, and Scott works hard on behalf of his clients to prevent that unfortunate event. He offers clients various legal strategies to deal with the court system, opposing counsel, and lenders. His law firm is recognized in Oklahoma as a leader in this area of consumer legal representation.

Oklahoma Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

You may wonder how you can stop foreclosure in its tracks, but we know how to accomplish this feat. We work hard on your behalf to present a valid foreclosure defense. Attorney Scott D. Harris understands this is his main goal for clients who need an Oklahoma Foreclosure Defense Lawyer. He has successfully represented hundreds of financially strapped clients who wanted to keep their homes and property. They were able to come to grips with this problem and move forward with their lives without threats of foreclosure.

Stop Foreclosure Now

If you fear an imminent foreclosure or have already been served with foreclosure notices by your lender, it is time to make that call for legal help to Scott Harris Law, PLLC, in Oklahoma City, OK. Attorney Scott D. Harris will meet with you to discuss your personal financial situation and the foreclosure. He will help you decide what course of action is best for you and begin the process of foreclosure defense.

There are many questions to ask about a foreclosure action, including these:

  • Who actually owns the mortgage?
  • Who initiated the foreclosure action?
  • Have you filed for Bankruptcy protection?
  • Were unfair foreclosure procedures used?
  • Would your lender be willing to negotiate a settlement?

Get the sound advice and strong legal representation you need for your foreclosure defense at Scott Harris Law, PLLC, Oklahoma City, OK. Contact our law office now for more information about your personal situation. Call us now, at (405) 301-8504.

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