When you are in a financial bind, unable to pay your bills, harassed by collection agents and threatened with repossession or foreclosure, you need the strong legal arm of Oklahoma Attorney Scott D. Harris to help you get debt relief. Bankruptcy no longer is frowned upon by society; there are many reasons people fall behind on debt payments, including job losses, divorces and illnesses. For many Oklahoma people, filing Bankruptcy is a reasonable and fast way to deal with debt problems and get a fresh start.

Attorney Scott D. Harris

When you bring your financial problems to Oklahoma Bankruptcy Lawyer Scott Harris for resolution, he will help you decide what method of debt relief is the right choice for your personal situation. For many people, filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protection through the United State Bankruptcy Courts is the best solution for a financial roadblock. Declaring bankruptcy will halt collection efforts, stop harassment by creditors and give you some breathing room and a chance to start over.

There are important differences between these two commonly used bankruptcy options:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ā€“ a liquidation of most unsecured debts from credit cards, personal loans and other debts, stops collection efforts and you can keep certain personal property
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy ā€“ a reorganization of debts program that gives you three to five years to repay debts, you keep property, co-signers are protected and your court approved plan fits into your current financial budget

Bankruptcy is not the end of your personal financial world; you get a fresh start and can start rebuilding your credit immediately. It is the second chance you deserve.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Lawyer

You can get debt relief by working with your Oklahoma Bankruptcy Lawyer to negotiate with creditors, make settlements or by declaring Bankruptcy. Attorney Scott D. Harris has extensive experience helping Oklahomans get past their debt roadblocks so they can move forward again with a fresh start. Clients of Scott Harris Law, PLLC, are always treated with respect and dignity, no matter what their financial or demographic backgrounds are. You can depend on our law firm to step up and be your legal strong-arm, defending your rights and helping you get back on the right track of life.

Our law firm is serving clients from all Oklahoma, with financial relief, debt negotiation and personal injury legal services. If you need criminal defense, most of our clients are from the metropolitan counties near Oklahoma City, but we also work with people who need us in outlying areas, including Tulsa, Woodward and Sayre.

Contact the Scott Harris Law Firm in Oklahoma City, OK, today to discuss your personal financial and debt situation. It is time for action; call us now, at (405) 301-8504.

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