Foreclosure Defense

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When you fall behind on your mortgage payments, after a period of time your lender many begin foreclosure actions. Your lender take theses legal steps as an attempt to either get you to pay what you owe or legally sell your property for what is owe to them.


Getting behind on paying your mortgage is stressful, serious, and often needs immediate legal intervention to prevent foreclosure. The good news is you do have options and legal rights as a homeowner. 


Should you find yourself in this situation, you are probably wondering what your options are to stop foreclosure and work out a solution with the mortgage company. Scott Harris Law provides each of its clients the legal defense and strategies necessary to work with the court system, the bank’s attorneys, and the mortgage company.


Scott Harris has successfully helped hundreds of Oklahomans in similar situations keep their homes or work out a solution to avoid foreclosure, so they can move forward with their lives. These solutions might include loan modification, loan reinstatement, short sale, or deed-in-lieu. 

If you are facing foreclosure, it’s time to contact Scott Harris Law for help. Your initial consultation is free. We will meet with you to discuss your situation and what options might be available to you. We can help you decide the best plan to move forward and begin to defend your rights as a homeowner.

Scott Harris Law provides experienced foreclosure defense to Oklahomans in all 77 counties and works diligently alongside its clients every step of the way to prevent foreclosure.

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