Debt Negotiation

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Debt negotiation is a process where you and your attorney work toward debt relief solutions with your creditors. For some Oklahomans facing financial difficulties, this can be a good method to try before taking more extreme measures—such as bankruptcy—to settle debt problems.

While negotiation provides many options to consider, you need an attorney skilled in successful debt negotiation. Oklahoma attorney Scott Harris is known for his experience in helping clients reach debt negotiation settlements.

Through negotiation, common ground can often be reached to provide you a resolution. You may be able to have debts or interest rates reduced, obtain more time to pay your debts, or find relief through other options. Additionally, you are able to keep your property/possessions, stop collection efforts from creditors, and begin to rebuild your credit. If an adequate relief option cannot be reached, Scott Harris is prepared to help you move ahead with alternative solutions.

If you are needing help resolving financial issues, it’s time to contact Scott Harris Law. Your initial consultation is free. We will meet with you to discuss your situation and what options might be available to you. We can help you decide the best plan to move forward and begin to defend your rights.

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